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GROWA’s history dates back to our humble beginnings in 1993 when the founders of GROWA set out to realize their entrepreneurial dream and inventive vision of providing professional high-quality custom-engineered industrial lifting solutions and all related standardized components coupled with dedicated seamless integrated after-sales services for all our valued customers.  

The GROWA GROUP has over the past decade expanded and evolved into the undisputed market leader and pioneer of the first truly total engineered lifting solutions provider in the region and benchmark for business performance and professional timely service.

Operating within an active close-knit regional network in Singapore (headquarters), Malaysia, Batam and Indonesia, supported by renowned and established industrial product manufacturers globally, subsidiaries and agencies, coupling this with our complete spectrum of electromechanical hoisting equipments from light hoists to heavy industrial cranes of lifting capacities ranging from 100 kilograms to 50 tonnes, the GROWA Group is ever ready to provide our customers with the best lifting solutions conceivable.

All the abovementioned complemented by advanced IT infrastructure, real-time inventory management and prompt customer care has led to a strong culture and brand name synonymous with quality and reliability both within and without the GROWA organization.


GROWA - the best partner in the lifting industy
The tried and tested standard products in the GROWA range are prefectly suited to almost any application you can think of. Whether you requires single hoist of crane compents. you will always find just the right solution in the GROWA range.
You get a partner who provides you with any solution to suit your specfic requirements. In any case, you benefit from the know-how behide a competent name GROWA.

As is the true of the spirit of entrepreneurship, the histroy of GROWA is inseparable fom that of its founders. It was their inventive spirit and entrepreneurial courage that formed the basis for the company's success up to the present day.

  • 1993
    Formation of The GROWA Group. An international enterprise is born.
  • 1994
    Established GROWA Marketing (Far East) Pte Ltd. Provided spare parts, engineering work, repair, service, commissioning, testing and certification of crane and related machineries.
  • 1995
    Consolidated several companies, including IES Pte Ltd and GROWA Marketing (Far East) Pte Ltd. Rebranded as GROWA (Far East) Pte Ltd.
  • 1996
    Setting up of GROWA HOIS- our first offshore branch in Jakarta to tap into the expanding S.E. Asia markets.
  • 2000
    Expansion into Johor, Malaysia, ( Growa Industrial SDN BHD ) , Batam & Indonesia with our integrated network of subsidiaries and offshore offices.


No man is an island. And indeed, the same could be said of our organization. GROWA would not have achieved our success to date if not for two vital cornerstones- our customers and our personnel.

Simply put, GROWA is totally committed to always providing excellent service to all our customers. Our definition of success is defined by the high safety standards, reliability, innovation and advanced technology with which we help to improve customers’ efficiency, cost control and productivity. Our customers have every right to deserve the best from us. We simply refuse to compromise when it comes to quality standards and prompt service.

We take pride in being an organization that respects our personnel irrespective of their backgrounds. GROWA values each and every one of our employees and our relationship with our personnel is based on fairness, integrity and a genuine spirit of partnership. All employees are given the same opportunities for personal growth through on-the-job training and development to cultivate in them a strong sense of individual initiative, enterprise and team solidarity.

The GROWA group is based on the combination of capitalizing on our extensive service network, leading technology, fast-paced industrial consolidation and a focus on efficient supply chains, giving us growth, higher returns and fulfilling our obligation to all shareholders with adequate returns on their investment. At GROWA, we do not simply lift things, we lift your business to greater heights!


  • Individualized Consultation
    GROWA offers customized consultancy and engineered solutions that meet your specific demands right from the start. Along with our dynamic team of experienced specialists, GROWA offers unparalled experience and expertise right from the initial erection and start-up installation to forecasting machine and component lifetime to repairs and servicing. Quality assurance starts from the verification of customer requirements, selection of raw material, and right through conceptual and design stages, selection of suppliers, manufacturing and installation and after-sales service.

  • Project Planning and Design
    Precise planning and accurate forecasting are the 2 key preconditions for success in this highly competitive industry. GROWA has at its disposal the latest engineering technology and resources to customize your lifting equipment technical requirements with our standardized modules.

  • Expertise in Upgrading, Modification & Modernization
    At GROWA, we combine cutting-edge technology with modern crane components from our state-of-the-art suppliers, regardless of original manufacturers, to help customers achieve the following objectives:
    - meet with ever increasing production demands
    - improve safety and reliability
    - cost savings in crane operation and maintenance

  • Compliance & Safety Inspection and Certification
    We take consistent quality management and certification very seriously. We have especially designed a comprehensive certification program to monitor your lifting equipment’s compliance with local rules and regulations. Coupled with our advanced software programming, our program is designed to detect safety and compliance issues with equipment to minimize downtime and production costs. Stringent procedure covers all process stages from engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation, commissioning and after-sales service to achieve consistency in customer satisfaction.



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